How To Flatten A Rug And Remove Dents

How To Flatten A Rug And Remove Dents

When you unroll a new rug, it's common to encounter some curling at the edges due to its packaging. Here are practical ways to flatten your rug and make it look perfect in your space.

Let it Settle: After unrolling your rug, give it time to settle. Reverse roll the rug, apply even weight, and leave it on a hard floor for a day or two. Patience and gravity will often do the trick, allowing the fibers to relax and the rug to flatten naturally.

Tape it Down: For a quick fix, use double-sided carpet tape to adhere the rug to the floor. Press firmly to flatten existing creases and prevent new ones. Carpet tape is suitable for hard floors and existing carpets, providing a stable hold for your rug.

Turn on the Iron: If your rug remains curled, use a low setting on your iron to gently flatten the curled area. Place craft paper between the rug and the iron to prevent heat damage. Minimal ironing is key to avoid scorching or melting the rug fibers.

Use the Sun: Spread your rug on clean concrete or asphalt outdoors on a dry, sunny day. Direct sunlight helps release creases and wrinkles. Warmer temperatures aid in the process, allowing the rug to absorb the sun's heat and flatten out naturally.

Grab the Hair Dryer: For stubborn creases, gently heat the backside of the rug with a hairdryer on a low to medium setting. Maintain a distance of six to nine inches to prevent fiber melting. Keep the dryer in motion to evenly distribute heat and release the creases effectively.

Conclusion: With these techniques, you can easily flatten your new rug and enhance its appearance in your home. Whether it's letting it settle naturally or using simple tools like tape, iron, or the sun, achieving a smooth, flat rug is within reach. Enjoy your newly flattened rug in any space with these practical tips and tricks.

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