About Custom Printing

What does Custom printed mean?

It means that you can get almost any image you want on a multitude of substances like Bedding, pillowcases, blankets, table runners etc. The possibilities are almost endless. The method we use is called Dye Sublimation.

So, why do we print on Polyester and not Cotton?

Although sublimation is possible on other materials such as cotton, the image will not be permanent as it is on ‘man made’ fabric like polyester and it isn’t recommended.  Printed Cotton fabric fades faster. Polyester is a man-made synthetic fabric.  Polyester allows the ink to permanently embed into the fabric which makes it less prone to fading.

Polyester is more durable, hold color better, extremely strong, resistant to stretching and shrinking.  Wrinkle resistant (lovely, I hate ironing…) Polyester is hydrophobic in nature and quick drying. Polyester retains its shape, making this a fabric that last longer.

In conclusion Polyester is the best fabric for sublimation printing and the best quality for your money. Also keep in mind we do not put polyester on the reverse side of our Duvet Covers, so the fabric that you will actually sleep under will be Poly Cotton or 100% Cotton for a extra fee.

Rest assured that we are supplying a custom product that is good quality that can last.

Washing instructions for your custom printed apparel:

Machine wash inside-out with cold water,gentle cycle with mild detergent and like colors. You shouldn’t use any fabric softeners, bleach or dry-clean the items.

Tumble dry on low heat but air dry is always better. Do not iron on the print, if you have to iron, iron inside out with a cool iron.

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