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BTS Pink Duvet Cover Set

BTS Pink Duvet Cover Set

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Elevate Your Child's Bedroom with BTS Duvet Cover Sets - A Dream Come True for BTS Enthusiasts!

Transform your child's room into a BTS wonderland with our captivating BTS Duvet Cover Sets. Crafted with meticulous care and overflowing with love, these sets are a must-have for young fans who long to envelop themselves in the essence of their beloved boy band.

The vibrant full-color prints adorning each duvet cover vividly encapsulate the boundless energy of BTS, infusing enchantment into your child's space.

Exclusively available in Single and Three Quarter sizes, our designs are thoughtfully curated to mirror the dynamic world of BTS. If your child envisions a grander size or a distinct BTS image, feel free to reach out - we're dedicated to making their visions materialize!

From the inception of your order to the creation of each piece, and the prompt delivery to your doorstep, our unwavering dedication is evident at every stage of the process.

Front Fabric: Polytex/Polyester - A Canvas of BTS Magic

Reverse/Back Side: Choose from pristine white, serene grey, or timeless black Polycotton fabric. Each Single or Three Quarter set includes 1 Duvet Cover & 1 Pillowcase. We're delighted to accommodate extra Pillowcases upon request, ensuring your child's comfort takes precedence.

Worried about wrinkles? No need to fret! Our sets are effortlessly machine washable at 30 degrees and can be tumble dried on low heat. The fabric's inherent low creasing properties ensure minimal wrinkles, freeing you from the chore of ironing.

Anticipate a lead time of 4 weeks, followed by courier delivery spanning 2-4 days, contingent on your location. The countdown commences once we receive the green light on new mockups/designs. If time is of the essence, don't hesitate to contact us – we're adept at exploring solutions to expedite the process.

Elevate your child's room even further with our supplemental pillowcases and scatter pillowcases, adding an extra dose of BTS allure.

It's worth noting that while we endeavor to faithfully depict print colors, slight variations from screen to print may arise. The distinct attributes of individual devices, encompassing screen type, contrast ratio, and color rendering, contribute to these deviations.

Materialize your child's BTS dreams by transforming their sleeping quarters into a BTS haven. Allow them to immerse themselves in the realm of their idols, transforming bedtime into a musical odyssey teeming with inspiration and dreams.

We extend hassle-free courier delivery at just R149 to your doorstep, ensuring your BTS experience commences the moment the package arrives.

Duvet Cover Sizes:

Single                         130x200cm

Three Quarter           148x200cm

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